Tuesday, September 22, 2015

RIP, Space Hippie!

So, something happened along the way to creating a virtual space utopia; the EVE reality found its way to YHI's doorstep. The wheels fell off our Flower Power Volkswagen no sooner than we put out the corp advertisement for our free love and all that. We got wardec'ed by two entities within a week of going live with our re-introduction to recruiting. The experience was frustrating to what little number of corp members and new hires we had active, and it was more than a bit embarrassing for me personally because I feel like I let my fellow corp members down. In all honesty, I don't even feel compelled to name names, or expose spies or potential awox alts. I wanted to, but after a little introspection I decided not to. Why? Because the person(s) did their job, and they did it effectively enough to be disruptive, and as for myself I initially did my job horribly and have had to learn from the cascade of decisions that affected the entire corporation. In the aftermath, I feel as if other folks in my position should be able to learn, adapt and prepare for this test just as I have and accept the results. They'll be better for it I think.

So in the wake of these events, the free loving space hippie has been marched to the gallows and summarily executed. Its for the best I suppose. Above all else, I am very fortunate to have the support and understanding from my corp mates and other friends in EVE. I am still humbly accepting all manner of "I told you so" messages for the foreseeable future, in order to keep my ego in check, so keep them coming!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Return of the Nobody CEO.

OK, so perhaps the title sounds a bit self deprecating. That said, I would certainly ascribe myself to that identity. Its nothing I'm ashamed of, especially in an online world where tens of thousands make their mark on the game every day. I'm nearly entering my tenth year in EVE. I've experienced periods of peak performance or peak laziness; periods of camaraderie or loneliness; periods of excitement or absolute boredom. Anyone who has subscribed to our universe for even a fraction of time has probably experienced similar peaks and valleys. I think I've experienced these and other states-of-being numerous times (and on occasion a variety of these ups and downs coinciding)... which now and then has made logging in pointless, let alone the time actually spent online. As many of you can also relate, there is always that not-so-great point in your life where RL is a drag and you wonder why the hell you haven't unsubscribed. And yet here we are!

I am about to become a CEO again. This is no real big deal in and of itself. Anyone can start and/or run a corporation in EVE; even a nobody like myself founded and operated a corp once. It was a point in my online existence where every day was a chance for an accomplishment, and it was a time when they were not only my own, but that of my corp-mates who were every bit a part of those achievements. This was a time that brought me the utmost joy and loyalty to EVE and subsequently a time I felt the most sadness in conjunction with a range of other negative emotions. Even now, years removed, it still affects me. Its a story long enough that no justice would be done to try and tell it here, other than to offer a cautionary note in recognition of the culmination of mistakes that haunt me to this day: Never, ever lose your identity.

That said, a unique opportunity has presented itself. A place which I have called home for the better part of the last year and a half has asked me for help. The corp has been suffering from the ill effects that null-sec life can bring. The cruel, unrelenting realities that always threaten to tear at the tapestry sewn together by the efforts of many; in particular, the move, adapt or die script that plays out on a nearly constant basis. This can be a absolute nightmare for industrial corps, and it certainly has been for ours in particular. The short of the long here is that the toll of the last year on our membership has been heavy. It has steadily dwindled and consequently the corp has not been able to carry out its mission in its current state. It is - and has been - in danger of losing its identity. I think it is because of this that I can relate on a personal level. A corp in decay is agonizing to witness, no matter your position.

I'm not one to dismiss the idea of fate being in play. Perhaps for me, this is the turnaround in my EVE tenure that I have been searching for. I can't help but see a little bit of funny irony in this though; for a self-attributed nobody to help reclaim the identity of a proud and successful corp. In all seriousness though, this could be the perfect opportunity to exorcise the demons that have tortured me for years. Furthermore, to know just how many current and recently departed corp members still want to see the namesake continue makes everyone's trust and faith in me humbling, and just deepens my desire to accept this position and to make everyone proud. The challenge now becomes making this a vibrant an active corp, or a bad sequel to 'Night at the Museum', of which there have been too many already.

I do thank you for taking time out to read my story. I am looking forward to my return as the Nobody CEO. And its OK if you don't remember me much past reading this - - I'm banking on it!


Liberty Belle